Christmas greeting from Sagi Productions

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New music video: Die Natur&Der Zeit (feat DJ Lrac) music video by Sagi Productions from album of Der Zeit Part 2. All Rights Reserved by Sagi Productions.

Die Natur&Der Zeit feat DJ Lrac

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Sagi Productions allows to download as for an Christmas gift the song called "The Bells of the Little Steps" here. The song is from coming album called: "Human Static Counter" and downloadble to support the Christmas spirit. The song remains over the Holiday seasons. All Rights Reserved and for the changes reserved by Sagi Productions.


The official "Der Zeit Part 2" album Myspace page has been opened by Sagi Productions here.

Ari's christmas greeting (in 3GP-format)


The link for the "Der Zeit Part 2" in US for sale is here. More selling places will be added later. All Rights for the changes reserved by Sagi Productions.


Der Zeit Part 2 album can be found from site here.

Later the selling places of the album will be added.


Near of Your Warmth Happiest Pee Wee Dee Girl mix)

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Sagi Productions headquarters will be in Finland and also in Portugal as the Sagi Productions new studio is located in Portugal too.


Greetings from Portugal!
Greetings from Portugal!


Anthropa Part 1

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2 minute preview from each of the song from Ari's latest album, Der Zeit Part 2, can be downloaded & listened from the discography section!


The name of the Sagittarius Productions has been changed. The official record and productions company has been changed for the SAGI PRODUCTIONS through because of the finnish laws of registration the firms. The All Rights for the changes Reserved by SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


Der Zeit Part 2 has been released and it can be bought from several internet shops from the line and through of the official record company of SAGI PRODUCTIONS. All Rights Reserved for the changes by SAGI PRODUCTIONS and sales through the web pages of SAGI PRODUCTIONS. SAGI PRODUCTIONS is a official record company and producing house owned by Ari Inkilšinen. More info fo the selling places of the der Zeit Part 2 will follow and the samples of the songs will be added for download to the Discography section later.

Free Image Hosting at


New music video: Theme of Le Royaume des Cieux

Theme of Le Royaume des Cieux

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Some while ago Ari did an remix for the E-men and here to see the review for that remix of song called: "Aria" by E-men.

The second track of the album itself Electro Aria, modified by the finnish composer Ari InkÔlšinen goes on anexperimental electro concept, still keeping the dreamy soundscapes of Daniel Cartes and the ethereal gregorian chant of Rodrigo SŠez, the elements featured by the finnish remixer gives an aura of virtual symphonic connection, or anything like that.

E-men is one of the most inteteresting bands from south america, and they have turned the internet into a tool in order of either making the world only one, having partners all over the world, andin some way making a recording that features musicians from the old world, the US and South America with no need of boarding a plane.

Avi Goldstein by 2007 ANIMUSIC RECORDS CHILE


Ari has composed a electronic symphonic kind of work called: "Salalawalan" and it will be on coming album called: "Human Static (Counter)" The song updated in Myspace player and the link for that is here.

SAGI PRODUCTIONS is having conversations of possible concert with Eurosonic and Noorderslag 2008 in Noodreslag festival and seminar in next January of 2008. The festival and seminar will be held in Noorderslag in Netherlands. The date of the festivals will be in 10-12th of January 2008. Later info will follow and if the possible concert will be heading for that point. All Rights Reserved for the changes by SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


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Some of the artworks of new album can be found from Myspace blog and from this link. Rest of the album art work can be found from in itself from the album.


After the project Der Zeit and Der Zeit Part 2 Ari and the SAGI PRODUCTIONS will be releasing the album called of "Human Static (Counter)".

The album is about to of humanity and the values of human in Our modern society. Some of the samples of it on player of Sagitarius Productions and on Myspace player updated and more news will follow as the project goes on.


Ari has composed new version of the song and also directed of an music video of the song called Popcorn.

Ari Inkilšinen, No No Popcorn Song

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At the moment Ari is working with new music video with Spanish director Andrea Zapata Girau. The video will be shooted from coming album "Der Zeit Part 2". Thesong is called: Zeitlogy Part 1 (Aakii&Ninaa inihki mix)


Here are the digital music sale links for SAGI PRODUCTIONS albums:

Der Zeit Part 1:

Sensitive (Supermarket Lovers):

Women in Blue Elements:

SAGITTARIUS: Electronical Railroads


Classical side of SAGI PRODUCTIONS

The acoustic and classical piano side of by Ari can be found from this link. Myspace page.

All the Myspace webpages by SAGI PRODUCTIONS:


SAGI PRODUCTIONS music by Ari Inkilšinen on can be found from top of 40 hits list on section of electronic music. Song called "Uterus Part 3" is on 16th place on list.

The song called "Adagiology Part 2" can be found from the electronic chart list of The song is from album of "Der Zeit Part 1" . Adagiology Part 2 can be found from the 9th position from the TOP 40 list of wolrds best indie music radio station.


SAGI PRODUCTIONS can be found from the world's best indie radio station,, by clicking here.


Added another music video from the Der Zeit Part 2 album called: Zeitlogy Part 3.

Zeitlogy Part 3

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Added new music video from Der Zeit Part 2 album called: Le Malaria.

You can also access it from the main page!


Ari and his music has been selected to appear in the music magazine called Music Connection. The 22nd Annual Directory of Artists and Bands in MUSIC CONNECTION Magazine link can be found from here. The copy of the magazine can be found from the line 22.

Added Ari's new video greeting, you can access it from the main page!


Added Ari's new video greeting, you can access it from the main page!


The album "Der Zeit Part 2" is ready, except for some of the bass lines of few songs and recorded recording session with full men choir. The album will hold at least 15 new songs and it is a travel inside of time and the different various cultures of the music on Earth. It includes many different languages from languages of American native Indians to old finnish poem singing by combined them in to an electronic format. More info will follow!


Der Zeit Part 1 can be found and downloaded in Apple iTunes from this link.

The full album Der Zeit Part 1 can be downloaded from here.


Ari's music will be played and aired in USA in Monkey Labs Radio and the plays will start on today 9th day on Monkey Lab Radio. Airing will hold the songs from all of Ari's albums during the years that has been composed. Info also on Monkey Radio Music list as on electronical artist list there to see and web pages of SAGI PRODUCTIONS updated there also. The time frame of tracks should be playing about every hour or no longer then every 2 hours. Follow the music in Monkeylabs Radio station online here.


SAGI PRODUCTIONS can also be found from now on (Myspace kind of service and web page).


Next the music of the SAGI PRODUCTIONS will be heard and aired in the USA from Monkey Labs Radio station. Later the info of it will follow. The station is world wide in the internet and available for everybody in that way.


All the songs for the coming album Der Zeit Part 2 has been chosen for now and Ari is still doing some of the fine tuning for some of the songs and working with men choir also for the coming album. The album will be out from May to June. All Rights Reserved for the changes by SAGI PRODUCTIONS. Meanwhile Der Zeit Part 1 can be first found from here. Later more of the selling places will appear.

Also added Ari's new video greeting, you can access it from the main page!


Remix called AONISNOA Part 1 (But No Sorrow mix) can be heard from address The song is taken from the album Sensitive (Supermarket Lovers). Later all of the remixes of Ari's songs will be on album and for the sale. All the Rights for the changes of the remixes hold by SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


Der Zeit Part 1 album can be firstly bought from USA from this store:

More selling places will be added later here in the news section. Follow it!

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