The album Ari Inkiläinen: "Der Zeit Part 1" has been delivered to the USA for sell to the shops and other the places for sold. They will be added here later in the News part. Also, soon will be let to know of the radio stations where to listen the songs on line too.


SAGI PRODUCTIONS releases Ari's fourth studio album called Ari Inkiläinen: "Der Zeit Part 1". Album is an outlook for the time and its presence through the space, science, human and also humanity by including the music science. Album holds the real sounds recorded by NASA from Saturn and outerspace by knitting them together for the melodies of that Ari has created. The fourth album has been released out on his 35th Birthday and the album will hold an continue part called "Der Zeit Part 2". More samples of the album in Discography section. Album will be released and sold also in USA, and the selling places will be added later on these web pages of the SAGI PRODUCTIONS. All Rights for the changes Reserved by the SAGI PRODUCTIONS. All Rights Reserved for the samples in and other web pages in a internet by the SAGI PRODUCTIONS. Follow the Saga due with the electronic music!


The art cover and the song list of the coming album called "Ari Inkiläinen: Der Zeit Prt 1" can be seen in the discography section. The sample pieces of the songs will be added after the album has been released. All Rights Reserved by the SAGI PRODUCTIONS. All changes reserved by the SAGI PRODUCTIONS. The art work designed by Pekka Ruuska with SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


All the available SAGI PRODUCTIONS Myspace webpages:

At the moment Ari is working with the both of the coming albums and composing new material too. Stay tuned!


Ari will be presented as an artist and his music will be played in a radio show called "Live Altitude" tomorrow 14.11.2006, starting at 21 H 30 (Swiss Time) in a DBC Radio. The direct link to broadcast is here.

Also, if you subscribe to the show, it will be delivered to your e-mail box, and it can be listened day after the show from this address.

DBC is the musical webradio dedicated to New Talents, Independent Labels and Autoproduction. The audience is not only Swiss, but international, and represents more than 100 000 unique listeners and more than two millions of viewed pages with its partners.


Ari's songs can be heard in future from this radio station also: DBC Radio and TV as the negotiation's have lead to that.

Also the SBN Satellite Broadcasting Network broadcasts can be found from here: SBN Satellite Broadcasting Network.

At the moment Ari continues working with the project of album of called: "Der Zeit Prt 2" with the men choir and for the electronic instruments.


The Myspace page for Ari's unrelased works can be found from here. All Rights Reserved by Ari Inkiläinen, SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


The song for the Dance4life spirit is available on a player here and it is called "Just a Another Day Dance (Unstable blood mix)". The song also appears in a album called "Der Zeit Prt II" and it is in the knowledge of finnish composition organisation TEOSTO. All the rights are reserved for the SAGI PRODUCTIONS. The song is downloadable for certain time in myspace.


At the moment Ari is composing a song for the organisation called: Dance4Life! If you're interested, you can support it too! Below is some more info if you're interested:


Dance4Life - 4

Concept, Mission and Goals
"Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand" - Confucius
Dance4Life is an innovative, interactive, positive and energetic international project. Every two years the Schools Project has its climax in a worldwide Dance Event on the Saturday before World AIDS Day.

First dimension: Schools Project + Dance Event
The heart of Dance4Life! Through the Schools Project, school children get involved and learn how to involve others in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The rewarding apotheosis on the Saturday before World AIDS Day is the Dance4Life Event. Read more on the Schools project and Dance Event.

Second dimension: Act4Life; media campaigning and television programme
By mass media campaigning, a clear slogan and a low threshold for joining Dance4Life, we want to reach as many young people as possible. In every country we strive to give the campaigning period a fundraising Grand Finale with a special, locally flavoured, Dance4Life TV programme on the Saturday before World AIDS Day. Pushing back HIV and AIDS is an immense challenge. We learned that a positive and professional project such as Dance4Life can - with your help - inspire a wide range of people and organisations.

We are looking for key players in at least 25 countries, to realise our dream and mission. Dance4Life operates on the principle 'think global, act local'. So in every country, Dance4Life is slightly different in form (but not in aim!).

We are currently building relations with the media, the business community, NGOs, governments, schools, event organisers, and most importantly, with the youth themselves in different countries all over the planet.

In 2006, we strive to involve at least eight countries. In 2004, the concept was tested in South Africa, Indonesia, and The Netherlands. On these three continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe), more than 50.000 young students were involved, and 20.000 of them – all dressed in white – danced for life at the exact same time, their energy providing the spectacular finale to a large-scale interactive school project.

In the year 2000, 191 countries agreed on the Millennium Development Goals. One of the goals is to have stopped, and to have started reversing, the spread of HIV and AIDS by the year 2015.

The other Millennium Goals the countries set in 2000 are also about topics we feel strongly connected with: education, health and more generally social and economic development. The implicit, and even at times explicit, message from Dance4Life and the World AIDS Campaign is clear: KEEP THE PROMISE!

We have a goal - and it's quite ambitious. By 2012, we want at least one million young people dancing, all over the world, connected by satelite, making a powerful statement of hope. Check which countries are already involved. One million young people dancing will be a powerful global statement.


DANCE4LIFE 2015 - ONE MILLION AGENTS OF CHANGE Dance4Life's urgent call for action in support of the Millenium Development Goals.


At the moment Ari is working and doing a co-conjunction with classical music composer Petter Ohls for electronical music and with the male choir at the same time. The project song is for his coming new album. Containing the living voice from classical music way to with electronical music is ment to be for the coming album called: Der Zeit Prt II. More info of the new album will be in a web pages of SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


Added Ari's video greeting on the main page (click on one of the little planets to see it), QuickTime is required to be able to see it.


E-MEN ARIA EP it is prenominated to the Altazor Award 2007 in Chile (the equivalent to the American Music Awards). EP contains tracks where Ari also collaborates too with his remix for the E-men.

Remixes available on E-men pages and also on Electro Aria.


Der Zeit album will be divided into two different albums called Der Zeit Part 1 and Der Zeit Part II. More info about the album(s) later here on news section.


The link for the SBN- Satellite Broadcasting Network of Ari's songs can be found from here!


Ari has signed a contract with the "Satelite Broadcasting Network", thus making it possible to hear his songs "on the air" all over the world. Be sure to tune in at address!


Now you can buy Ari's first album Ari Inkiläinen: Women in Blue Elements straight from SAGI PRODUCTIONS for the price of 5 USD + postal expense's paid by customer. Price of the album in CD baby is 15 USD. More info on that in here: You can place an order via e-mail to address:


Now you'll find Ari's music from over 2400 shops all around the world and specially from USA through the CD Baby. The link for the newest album is here:

The album delivery is by mail to your home through the CD Baby.


You may hear Ari's song to be played in New Jersey, New York, Pennysylvania college radio in a address of as in comment parts. Names of the songs are: The Children of the Future (Hello World mix), Sexy Woman (hard night mix) and Draculooz. All the songs are from new album Sensitive (Supermarket Lovers). The songs are in a comment part send by "The rhythm of life--**Engel Dust** radioshow". At this moment Ari is writing more material for coming songs that also holds the lyrics in it and the vocal and singing parts. Ari is also having a project with women singer Sanna Turkki and the song will be in a future on record too. Later info of that in News part.


The digital downloads of new album: Sensitive (Supermarket Lovers) can be found from this address: In that address it's possibe to buy either one song or whole album for your MP3 player.


Ari has composed a new album. All the songs have been composed, and they are now in mixing process. The new album will be called: Ari Inkiläinen: Der Zeit

More info on


Ari is also doing a remix for the Chilean band called E-men, and the webpages of them can be found from here:

More info on both matters later on web pages.

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