At the moment Ari is composing another album, and the new album will include around 6-8 songs in it. There will surely be the continueing parts for the song called "AONISNOA (womanility yours mix)".


Ari is also planning to publish at least 2 more album projects in the future, and at least one of them may also have other musicians in it. More info in future.


Ari's new record called Sensitive (Supermarket Lovers) can be first bought online from CD Baby. Other selling places will be announced on this news section later.

Ari is having an small acting part as an assintance in a movie called "Lupaus"----> "Promise" directed by Ilkka Vanne. Scheduled release: 2.12.2005

More info of the movie in itself can be found from the address of


Ari has composed, produced, perfomed and programmed an new album called: Sensitive (Supermarket Lovers) The album selling places will be let to known on News section and some of the songs are available to be heard on address of Also the track list, art work and info of it more in Blog section to be read for.

The selling places of album will be later on news section. Already and first the album can be bought from Suomi-PC, Jämsä as to give the advance for the young people of Ari's hometown to hear it first, after then the album will go to more of global selling places.

You may now order the ringtones for mobile phones from Ari's songs from addresses of click on album from the home page of Warrior Girl Music or direct at

The songs that include writings of lyrics and singing by Ari You may hear on here: and the songs are called "Sexy Woman" and "Blue Day Dance". Later more songs will be with the lyrics too on albums too. All rights Reserved by Ari Inkiläinen and SAGI PRODUCTIONS

Ari has remixed for the french band called "Nouvelle Culture's" song called "Heaven" and it can be heard on address of as Ari inkiläinen: The Heaven. The song also appears with an second name on Ari's album as called "The Sky (heaven remix)" All rights reserved for the remix and composition by Ari Inkiläinen, SAGI PRODUCTIONS.

Ari's works can be found from these store's by the name search of Ari Inkiläinen.


Ari is one of the possible composers to compose music for the short movie in Hollywood and to been chosen to compose the music in it. The movie is to be directed in Hollywood and goes for the wide distribution for the film making professionals. More info of it in a News section laters.


Ari has composed rematerial to Vivaldi's work.The song of Tribute to Vivaldi is in the part of Downloads as an reworks of the classical music composers works and it is an honouring the past composers and their works. From the side of electronic music too.


Ari has an great interest for the art music and for the classical music as well as to the electronic music and in his works he has tryed to combinate of these both worlds. He has also interest for the working with the greatest composers/conductors of Finland too. Ari has set an request for the conductors/composers of Esa Pekka Salonen and Kaija Saariaho of projects by combinating these two worlds. Electronic and classical. Later more of these projects and how they will go on.


Ari has composed an modern style song for the children of the future and for the kids of this beautiful old house from the begin of 1800th century in Helsinki. The house needed an modern "lift up" song, as the house now works in children day care center and the children hold the joy of life in their souls, so does the work for them too. The link to see the house can be seen here: Also more of Ari's new music and the composition for the house can be heard on www.myspace.comin a address of All Rights reserved by Ari Inkiläinen and SAGI PRODUCTIONS and all the songs in the knowledge of finnish composition organization TEOSTO.


Ari's album Women in Blue Elements now on sale in:

More of such selling places is to come on line! Follow the News section.


More of Ari's music can be heard on by the project name of Ari Inkiläinen (sagittarius) to write down to SEARCH box on mikseri web page: Ari Inkiläinen (sagittarius)

You may also listen and buy Ari`s album Ari Inkiläinen: Women in Blue Elements from All rights reserved by Ari Inkiläinen and SAGI PRODUCTIONS and Warrior Girl Music.

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