The song "Visiting at Bach's place" will be removed. All the rights for removing the song owns the SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


For the celebration of the vacation and Christmas, Ari is relasing one of his early composings for fans to hear and the song was composed for the spirit of Christmas and for the time of the peace and tranquility. The song name is "Bells and Chorus of Christmas" (stand alone mix). With this song Ari wishes to all around the world the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and peaceful year to start! Special greetings of Christmas to Mr. Jarre for his work and this past years concerts, Thank You. Enjoyable Christmas times and PEACE!


Ari is having an small acting part as an assintance in a movie called "Lupaus" directed by Ilkka Vanne. More info of the movie can be found from the address of


If you want to join Ari's fan group, you can sign up in a address of:


Ari is shooting the music video from song of "Jesus Loves You", which is an song from coming album and it can be heard from Downloads parts. Let Us remind of that the song is in the knowledge of finnish composition organization TEOSTO and all rights owned by Ari Inkiläinen all around the world. Stay tuned for the more info of the video!


You can buy Ari's album Ari Inkiläinen: Women in Blue Elements from stores of these in Finland:

  • Helsinki, Keltainen Jäänsärkijä
  • Jyväskylä, Airon Musiikki
  • Tampere, Jukeboss
  • Jämsä, Suomi PC.

More selling places from Helsinki will come and more from Finland.

From internet:

Later coming more of the market places. All songs written and produced by Ari Inkiläinen. All rights reserved by Ari Inkiläinen, SAGI PRODUCTIONS.


Ari's new album has been now composed and the album is soon in its producing level and the new composings material from the coming album can be heard on web page of certain time. The song called: Ari Inkiläinen: The Twins (special dedication) is an release from coming album and also an dedication for 2 beautiful Godchilds. The all the songs has been composed by Ari Inkiläinen and all the songs are in the knowledge of finnish composing organization TEOSTO. As in extra material for fans Ari is also releasing the song from future release, Ari Inkiläinen: Supermarket Lovers. The song is called: Alotta Fagina (Austin Powers mix). On vocals Satu Pärnäjärvi, Päivi Laakso and Ari Inkiläinen. Lyrics written by Ari Inkiläinen. More info of that album coming in future.


Ari did compose and remix new material for the Bach's work called: "Air" It is respection for Bach's work. SAGI PRODUCTIONS presents the new song called: "Visiting at Bach's place!"


Next Ari's music can be heard on: Hollywood spiritual film and entertainment festival in Hollywood. The song "Jesus Loves You" is an one of the presented songs there. The info of the festivals can be found


Ari has signed and made an contract for composing the music for the TV and films with an Summit Music. More info of the Summit Music can be found at More info will be in News part laters of composings.


Ari has moved his studio to Helsinki and he is composing and producing new music in there and mastering his new album. Ari Inkiläinen: Album for Kidz! Ari has composed an new song for his fans to as an thanx to listening of his music and the song is called: "Jesus Loves You." It is also respection for Jesus Christ and to His love for the humans as we are. Also later the translation of web pages will be for French too for french fans too.


Ari has composed electronic and classical music composings of his more and the song of called: "Adagio for Swan of Finlandia (machines included)" piece can be heard from the Downloads section. Let Us remind again that all of the compositions has been composed in the "Sagittarius Studio" and all the rights are reserved by Ari Inkiläinen and all the songs are in the knowledge of finnish compostion organization of TEOSTO. Also songs that are on the line as on cd's too.


Ari has recomposed new material and remixed 2 of Jean Michel Jarre's song's called "Rendez-Vous" and Oxygene Part VI. The songs are called: "Rendez-Vous (Ari's Space Odyssey 2001 remix) and Oxygene Part VI (Ari's Neigbourhood remix). Both of the songs can be found from Downloads part section. Songs are the respections of Mr. Jean Michel Jarre's lifetime works to the electronic music.


Before leaving for the vacation from studio Ari has recomposed and remixed for Vivaldi's music new material for the part of Four Season to the part of "Autumn". The part of "Autumn" will be an intro part for the live happenings and also laters will be on cd too.


Ari is having an break from studio and is collecting new material for his coming albums on his journeys and holds the possibility for tour too. He wishes that people will enjoy of the material in a internet and the album can be bought from several places too. Ari has an all new material done for his next album and that is an next launch. Update info and more info will be added when time it is for that in News part


Ari has remixed some of his earlier songs from the album Sagittarius: Electronical Railroads. The song called "Bells of Silence Part II Extented Humb mix" can be heard on of certain time and it is an remix from song of "Bells of Silence Part II". The remix stays there an certain time.


Ari is an featured artist in a address of certain some time and the music of his can be heard from that address too.


Ari has released his electronic classical piano sonates composings to people to heard. The song called "Fire Colours of Mind (Lady Ethnicos Part III sonate)" can ne heard on address laters the piano sonates will be possible to get for mobile phones as to ring tones too and on cd too."

Ari is relasing out more of his oriental music. The song called "Seven Paths of Wind" is an dedication for the Asian culture and is an also dedication for Asian world people. Song can be heard certain time in and later will be released on cd too.

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