Ultra Images Part 1

30 September, 2012 by Antti Lehtonen

Sagi Productions album Ultra Images Part 1 will be on sale soon in
iTunes and Amazon. Information of the coming album will follow in Sagi
Productions web pages of it soon as it will be available on iTunes and

All Rights Reserved by Sagi Productions. All changes Reserved by Sagi

Below is the track list from Ultra Images Part 1 album:

Track 1 Aerolyarium (Ultra Images version)
Track 2 Angels Calling (2012 Strings Remix)
Track 3 I can get Ugly too (2009 Version)
Track 4 Miles on Moon
Track 5 Nutty Love (Home Alone With You Mix)
Track 6 Titanarium in The Sun (2012 seenery)
Track 7 Walking in Bergerac`s Shoes
Track 8 Watching Your Legs in Paris

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